Building and sustaining high performance engineering teams, executing program success

RF, Microwave, Wireless design and product development

Semiconductor technologies and applications

Technology and opportunity assessments

RF, Microwave, MM-Wave, MMIC, RFIC technology and application expertise

Talent acquisition and development pipelines


Independent Consultant - Engineering Management & Technology Development

Technology Evaluation and Application Assessment.
Product development roadmapping.
Comprehensive project planning.
Evaluating partnership and acquisition opportunities.
Technology Litigation Expertise.
Creating Engineering Lab and Office Facilities.

Anlotek Limited

2018-present, Chief Technology Officer.
Oversee development of novel filter technologies, support licensing and co-development activities.

Qorvo/RF Micro Devices, Boston Design Center

1999-2017, Director and Founder.
Built to a staff of 50, sustained project success, shipping over 2 billion of our products
Primarily focused on cellular and WLAN for flagship and mass tier markets.
Product design & applications engineering; die, MCM & board layout; prototype assembly; engineering test & product characterization.
Responsible for the construction of 3 design center facilities.
Developed a pipeline of new talent to complement experienced engineers.

IBM Microelectronics, Wireless Products

1998-1999, Applications Manager
Applications team supporting all wireless SiGe products worldwide.


1996-1998, Engineering Manager
Hardware & software engineering, support, product & user documentation for load pull, noise parameter, multiport analyzer, e-cal systems.

Raytheon, Microelectronics, Research Division, Equipment Division

1979-1996. Manager, Microwave Circuits Research Laboratory (1993-1996)
Developed advanced MMIC technologies, models & measurements for government & commercial applications.
Managed several corporate and DoD funded research programs.



Current: Board of Directors, VP-elect Technical Activities;
Vice-Chair - Technical Activities Board (TAB); IEEE Conferences Committee (ICC).
Chair - TAB Nominations and Appointments Committee; Society and Council Lifecycle Committee, Conference Innovations Committee.
Member - Employee Benefits and Compensation Committee; Governance Committee; Nominations and Appointments Committee;
Conference Publications Committee; TAB Finance Committee; TAB Management Committee; TAB Strategic Planning Committee.

Previous: Director, Div IV; Chair of the IEEE Conferences Committee; Member of Publications Services and Products Board (PSPB), MTT Society President, Vice President, Secretary, AdCom Member; IMS General Chair and Executive Committee (ExCom) Chair; RWW founding Chair and ExCom Chair.

European Microwave Association

Journal Associate Editor, past Steering Committee member.


University of Massachusetts School of Engineering, Amherst, MA, MSECE.
Columbia University School of Engineering, New York, NY, BSEE.


IEEE Fellow
MTT Society Honorary Life Member.
IEEE Microwave Magazine MicroBusiness columnist (Apex Award of Excellence).
Microwave Journal editorial review board
Technical Publications >40
Patents – 11

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