Fred Schindler's IEEE Activities


Board of Directors
Division IV, Director, 2021-22
Employee Benefits and Compensation Committee. Member, 2022
Governance Committee. Member, 2022
Strengthening the IEEE Constitution ad hoc. Member, 2021
Election Practices and Oversight ad hoc. Member, 2021

Technical Activites Board (TAB). Member, 2003, 2015-2018, 2021-2022
Society and Council ad Hoc. Chair, 2021-2022
TAB FinCom. Member, 2015-2018
Financial Health ad hoc. Member, 2018-2019.
Hall of Honor Committee. Member, 2018-2020.
Sections Congress ad hoc. Chair, 2020. Member, 2017.
Strategic Planning Committee. Member, 2019.
CRFID Advisory Committee. Member, 2019-2022.

IEEE Conferences Committee. Chair, 2015-2018. Past Chair, 2019-2022. Member, 2013-2014
Techical Program Integrity Committee (TPIC). Member, 2014-2020
Conference Quality Committee. Chair, 2017. Member 2018-2022
Conference Portfolio Review Committee. Chair, 2017-2020. Member, 2021-2022
Conference Application Review ad hoc. Chair, 2017-2022
Nomination, Recommendation and Appointments Committee. Chair 2019-2022. Member, 2018
Conference Governance and Strategy Committee. Member, 2018-2022
Event Innovations Committee. Chair, 2019. Member, 2017-2019

Publications Services and Products Board (PSPB). Member, 2015-2018.
Strategic Planning Committee. Member, 2020-2022.
Publication Conduct Committee. Member, 2021-2022.
Peer Review ad hoc. Member, 2019-2021.

Products and Services Committee (PSC). Member, 2020-2022.
Confernce Publications Committee. Chair, 2021-2022.

Joint TAB/PSPB Stregic ad hoc. Group co-lead, 2019.

Conference Financial Management Remediation (CFMR) IEEE ad hoc. Member, 2017-2018.

Marketing Automation MGA/TAB ad hoc. Co-Chair, 2015.

Future of Information and Convening BoD ad hoc. Member, 2015.

Conference Financial Management BoD ad hoc. Member, 2017-2019.


President. 2003. Vice President, 2012. Secretary, 1993.

AdCom. Elected Member, 1994-2002. Honorary Life Member, 2022.
Electronic Communications ad hoc. Chair, 1994-1995.
Meetings and Smyposia. Chair, 1996-1997.
Electronic Information ad hoc. Chair, 1998.
Marketing and Publicity ad hoc. Chair, 1998-1999.
Electronic Publications ad hoc. Chair, 1999.
Operations. Chair, 1999.
Membership Services. 2000-2001
Budget. Chair, 2002.
Long Range Planning. Chair, 2005.
Past Presidents Council. Chair, 2005.
RWS Executive Committee. Chair, 2005-2007, 2010-2015.
EuMA Liaison. 2007-2008 Exhibition Management ad hoc. Chair, 2007.
Local Arrangement Contractor ad hoc. Chair, 2010.
MTT-19 (Business Issues). Chair, 2010-2015.
IMS Executive Committee. Chair, 2011, 2014-2015.
IMS organization Model task force. Chair, 2021-2022.


International Microwave Symposium (IMS)
General Chair, 2009.
Technical Program Co-Chair, 2000. Member, 2020.
Protocol Chair, 2012.
Advisor, 2012-2016, 2019.
TPRC Member, 1995-2003, 2012-15, 2017-20, 2022.

Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWW)/Radio and Wireless Week
Founding Chair. 2006
PAWR Technical Program Co-Chair. 2014-2016.

GaAs IC Symposium (now CSICS) - TPC Member, 1989-1992.


IEEE Microwave Magazine MicroBusiness columnist, 2010-present (Apex Award of Excellence).

Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques (T-MTT). Editorial Board, 1996-2006.
Microwave and Wireless Components Letters (MWCL). Reviewer, 2000-2016
International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies (non-IEEE). Associate Editor, 2010-present.